First post aaand we’re going weird. Yup, definitely weird.

I’d say I was about 10% normal on a good day.

5% on a really good day.

Sometimes I speak only in outdated slang or video game catch phrases. Other times, I will only pantomime my feelings. I sing Opera or rap when I’m stuck in traffic. Both genres of music, I might add, are wildly outside my skillset. I’m the type of person who jams out in the small kitchen appliances aisle of Costco when there is no song playing. Also, I’m the type of person who shops at Costco.

But one of my more marked oddities is that I have a tendency to find things that aren’t supposed to be funny like, ridiculously hilarious.

On Monday I was with some friends and we’d been talking about overcoming fears. I was in the middle of talking about riding a motorcycle for the first time when one my friends declares:

“I think I’m ready for someone to die.”

There was a pause, then everybody looked uncomfortable for a moment while I just about knocked myself out laughing. I snort when I laugh really hard, so of course that made everyone else start laughing, and this poor girl is sitting there thinking we’d all gone insane. Now, what she had meant was, I’m not afraid of someone dying. But despite her numerous attempts to explain herself, what proceeded was a ten minute interlude of nihilistic commentary on the meaningless of the abyss.

But, you know, with humor. It was funny to me at least. Stuff like, oh, that’s why when you take food out of the microwave and it’s hot on the outside but cold on the inside, you eat it anyway because we’re all going to die and none of it matters.

That sort of crap. Hysterical.

One guy in our group was so uncomfortable with the conversation that he started playing the keyboard and singing really happy sounding songs. All that did was add to the strange and make the whole thing even funnier.

It energized my inner dark satirist. Later, I wrote the first half of a zombie short story.

Now, that’s not always the type of humor that I use in my writing, but I’m finding it pop up more in unexpected, yet pleasant ways. It’s the kind of thing I enjoy seeing in my own writing, so I hope when you find it, you’ll enjoy it too.

What an odd way to launch a first blog post. Just a bunch of prattling on about myself.

But if feels right.

It feels me.

Or at least, 5% me.

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