Free Fiction

Short story series coming soon!

Here are a few pieces of micro fiction to hold you over.

Please note: all micro fiction I post are exactly 100 words, excluding the title.



Pain surged through my mind, ripping apart my head and tearing at what little sanity remained. The torture was too much. I longed for death.

“Please, make it stop,” I begged, “I’ll do anything!”

“Hush. You’re being overdramatic. And rude,” mom replied.

I crossed my arms, legs, and toes in defiance. The ninth circle of hell had to be an endless loop of my little sister’s piano recital. Nothing could be more agonizing.

Or so I thought.

How wrong I’d been. How ignorant. Naïve. If only I’d known how much worse it would be when my sister started saxophone lessons.


Good Decisions

I knew Mrs. Adelson would catch me eventually, I just didn’t think it would be this soon. She grabbed the note mid pass from Gwen. Crap. Please don’t read it, please don’t read it, I begged her telepathically. She ignored me.

Her evil eyes glinted as she prepared to share my thoughts with the class. I had to act fast or face certain embarrassment. Heart racing, I strode over to the biggest kid in class and slapped him right in the face. Five minutes, two broken noses and an office visit later, Mrs. Adelson had completely forgotten about the note.


A Revenge Fantasy

Adrian would rue the day he dared pick a fight with a magic user. Well, probably. Maybe. Today was definitely not that day. I’d barely uttered, “sangui-,” before he’d ripped the wand out of my hand and stuffed me into a locker. I’m actually a little impressed he fit me in there without magic.

Last time, he’d only given me a swirly.

And the time before that, a ‘kick me’ sign.

But some day, when he’s least expecting it, when he forgets this, my time will come. On that day, I’ll get my revenge:

A magically induced atomic super wedgie.