Let’s cut right to the chase: I talk. A lot. Whether you want me to or not. Whether you’re listening or not. Sometimes I talk just to hear myself talk. Sometimes I bust into song for no apparent reason even if it’s wildly inappropriate for the social situation. It happens.  Just roll with it.

When I write, I read everything out loud. So even if I’m technically writing something, pretend I’m saying it to you. Or, if you’re reading a story of mine, pretend I’m reading it to you. Pretend I use funny accents and do sound effects too. It’s fun, I promise.

While I am generally never short on words and use them as abundantly as John Green uses Katherines, I sometimes find an image or two can speak volumes more than I can.

All the above is meant to say that I, as a writer and as a human being, am probably best summarized with this little girl’s face:


Oh, yeah.

Take a moment and let the vapors of that image hit you.


Okay. You get me?



Now, if you are one of those people who looked at the above image and said, Poppycock! This is an author’s blog not some ninny-minded, meme filled haberdashery! Where are the words?

To that I say, wow! You used poppycock and meme in the same fake quote! Super cool! You should be my friend :-). Also, here are some words:

  • I will try to post updates as frequently as I can but please understand that delays in blog posts means I’m making a lot of progress on my latest novel project.
  • Most of what I post will be bursts of micro or flash fiction, random thoughts, or project updates. I may even post installments of a short story or two. We’ll see how this goes.
  • Please enjoy my content, but ask me before reprinting or republishing someplace else. Links are encouraged!
  • Also, in case you needed just a few more words: kerfuffle, vomitory, cockamamie, widdershins, balderdash, and hemidemisemiquaver.



-Brittany DeBeeld

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